Wellington, New Zealand

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Our final destination for our whirl-wind tour of the North Island was Wellington.  We arrived after dark and I must say, I don't remember the last time I drove up and down such steep hills anywhere!  Wellington is nestled in a great harbor on the southwest corner of the North Island.



The coastline is very mountainous and the city reminds me of a combination of San Francisco [for the hills and trolley cars,] and Boston [for the many small one way streets.] 

Well, maybe a little of New York also!

It was late, the kids were tired and so Heather & I went out for some quick food.  Unfortunately, all we could find was KFC.  {They were not impressed!} 



The next day, we set out for a day of exploration and shopping!  First things first, coffee!  It didn't take long to find a shop as there were coffee bistro's everywhere.  With latté, long white or cappuccino in hand, we hit the streets.  After going through one place serving breakfast and not being too impressed with the menu, I noticed a metallic looking place across the façade.  I wouldn't give it a second look back home but here in NZ, there are still places with a touch of that 60's decor around.  These places are usually good.  The place was run by a group of Asians who spoke English poorly.  Funny enough, the menu was very western.  Eggs, pancakes, French toast and bagels.  The food they brought was fantastic!  Excellent quality with a gourmet presentation.  Our mouths dropped when they brought over the plates!  You never know.  And I finally succeeded in picking out a restaurant!!

We decided to take a trolley ride up the mountain for a view of the city.  It's important to do this in the morning as it often gets cloudy in the afternoons!









Wellington, like all NZ cities, is very friendly, easy to get around and exceptionally clean.  There remains a large Asian influence and so there are many great choices for food once you learn your way around.

After a nice lunch with Laura, [Matt & Colleen opted for fast food,] Laura still needed a shopping fix and I was getting frustrated dealing with the unhappiness.  Heather suggested she separate us by talking me into going out and getting her a latté while the two of them head for another shop.  See STARBUCKS WELLINGTON, for the rest of the story!

This managed to get Laura through the afternoon.  I needed to make a quick stop at HAVANA COFFEE WORKS or I'd never be able to live with myself.  Next job was to entertain the kids for the rest of the afternoon.  Ahh, Te Papa!

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