Once every two years, Wanaka, New Zealand hosts the largest air show in the Southern Hemisphere!

We intentionally planned our year in 2004 so that our visit would coincide with this air show.

I have never been to an air show before and so I don't  know what to expect.  To the right is a vintage WWI German tri-plane known as the Red Barron!




Wanaka is a small town about 1/2 the size of Freeport, Maine.  It is becoming a stronger tourist destination with a few ski hills nearby, lots of tramps, a beautiful lake to enjoy and a picturesque downtown.  Like most places in New Zealand, there is a bit of a real estate boom going on and the price of land is sky rocketing.  It is rumored that Shania Twain recently bought a station here.  [Station is Kiwi for ranch!]



Below are some links to some photos of some of the airplanes we saw!


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