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Heather booked us for the obligatory cruise and opted for the overnight version.  We ended up staying on a small boat, The Mariner! 

We met some people who just came off "The Milford Track" which is a 4 day hike through the forest and mountains.  They were picked up at Sand Fly Point and delivered to Milford Sound.  Sand Flies are our black flies and apparently some of these people waited several hours for the boat and thought they were going to be eaten alive!  This is after tramping through the rainforest in the rain for 4 days!  Heather decided that perhaps she would prefer to do a different tramp!  These people were some grateful for a hot meal and dry bed. 

Laura, on the other hand, thought that the boat was a little short from being a cruise liner!  Booths for dinner tables.  No chandeliers.  Plywood bunk beds with curtains, no private rooms with locking doors.  The toilets were out on deck at the back of the boat, a bit of a walk from your cot!!  I thought it was essentially like staying at a "Backpackers" or "Youth Hostel" on water and thought it was great.  Certainly not the type of place you'll find in the Time Share exchange catalogue.  The food was good with lots of it!  They had a piano that Matt played a couple of tunes on to the other passengers delight.



The crew were very friendly and we had free range of the entire boat including the bridge where the captain was eager to exchange stories!  After a tour of the sound, we anchored for the night and Colleen and Heather decided to go for an evening kayak on the sound.



It was a beautiful calm night and we watched the skyline over Mount Tutoko fade into darkness as the sun set somewhere behind the mountains and clouds.




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