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Just on the outskirts of the city is a park called One Tree Hill.  It is on a hill that is one of 50 extinct volcanoes that Auckland is built on.  The mountain was import to the Maori and used to have a sacred giant totara tree on the top.  The totara tree eventually fell down and years ago a pine was planted there.  This was a giant pine a few years ago but eventually died in 2002, a few years after a Maori activists attacked the tree with a chainsaw!  Now the top of the hill has a lonely obelisk that is dedicated to the Maori.
















The hill is surrounded by a still functional farm with cattle and sheep grazing freely.  It is also a city park and so people are jogging through the fields and having picnics, side by side to the farm animals!


Beautiful stone walls and ancient trees!



Heather enjoying the ancient rocks!




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