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The last evening on North Island saw a division of the troops.  Laura was feeling a little off [perhaps car sick,] and just wanted to stay in and watch TV.  The Apprentice and The Newlyweds were on!  Colleen & Matt were still up for some action and I was thinking about dinner.  We decided to drop Colleen & Matt off at the local rock gym where they spent a few hours climbing.  Heather & I went out for a drink on the waterfront.  The city is right on the harbor and there are no dungy dirty areas.  Wellington has a nice harbor front with jogging paths, kayak rentals on the water and shops and food.














After the rock gym experience, the kids wanted fast food [again] and so they headed out for that.  I headed back to the hotel to feed Laura.  Just next door to the hotel was an Indian restaurant that looked and smelled great.  I got some take-away for Laura and I and we proceeded to enjoy the best Indian food I've had for a long time!







With out bellies full, we had nothing left to do but entertain ourselves, get a good nights sleep and head to the airport first thing in the morning!  I don't remember how it started but somehow we got on the topic of blue jeans and Heather claimed she could wear Laura's pants.  [Heather is already frequently wearing the pants Matt has grown out of.  We've learned many cost saving measures here in NZ!]  Well, here's the result!!







Matt couldn't be concerned less!

During the night, I heard a loud bang that woke me up from a deep sleep.

Turns out this is the second time the earth has moved while I was in bed in NZ!  Heather slept through this one and was disappointed because she still wants to feel an earthquake!

Well, maybe at our next house!

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