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We made it into Auckland in time to check into the hotel and get settled.  Auckland is the largest city of New Zealand with about 1,000,000 people.  [New Zealand has about 3,000,000.]  It is located on a peninsula on the Northern part of the island and is similar to Summerside, PEI in that the land is narrow and the ocean on both sides can be seen in one view!  It is a big business center and considered a meeting crossroads for Polynesian, Asian and Western cultures.  [Should be some good restaurants here!]  We had a good view of the waterfront from our hotel and were a short walk to the city market, which was our first destination!

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Auckland is considered the "city of water" and one in three residents own a boat!  In 1995, the Kiwi sailing crew on Black Magic won a 5-0 victory against the United States vessel, Young America, and for the second time in the 144 year history of The America's Cup, took the 'Auld Mug' out of the United States!  The United States won the cup back in a very controversial decision in 2000.  The Kiwi vessel is on display on a pier adjacent to the harbor.




Auckland is also famous for the Sky Tower.  It stands at 328m [1,076 feet] and is the tallest structure in New Zealand.  It boasts the usual revolving restaurant, observation platform and casino.  But, for a few extra dollars, you can bungee jump off it for a controlled free fall for about 15 seconds!  I passed at the opportunity!







While walking around, we stumbled past my kind of drinking establishment.  Bloody Mary anyone?








A quick vision of home, Dunkin' Donuts!















The Ferry Building!

After some great Thai food, we actually ended up going to the movies!  Auckland had the feel of New York City to it although on a much smaller scale!  Overall, very friendly and clean with great food.  Night life seemed quiet to us but maybe we weren't in the right part of town.  Coffee and breakfast in the morning saw us leaving town to head towards Rotorua where the volcanic activity is but not before stopping at an interesting little town!


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