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November 8, 2003

Cast & Blast this year was a little smaller.  Shawn, Nathan, Colleen and I drove out to Brian’s in Shawn’s truck.  We’ve sold the Saratoga and so had to brave the trip.  Good thing, we had low ceilings with freezing rain on the trip back!  Shawn missed route 90 in Worster while I was doing some work on the compute so we took a tour through Hartford, CT.  We were only one hour from John’s.  The trip still only took us 11 hours.  Brian and the family were all doing well.  Numpy met up with us for some fishing, story telling, good food and to witness Brian roll in the fire just once.  Stanton met up with us on day two; it was good to fish with him again.  He brought out a Trident 10’ 6 wt with an 8 flex.  After leaving for the Sandy River because the Oak was pretty crowded, he let us fish with the rod a while.  Everyone who fished with the rod caught fish after a slow morning.  Shawn lost a huge Brown and Colleen fought a nice Brown but I couldn’t tail it before it took off with Stanton’s fly.  [Here, try this rod!!]


One of Shawn’s many Browns!


Hanging out riverside!




Jerry was feeling much better this year, going in for more surgery soon.  He is still adding to his arsenal, purchased a Bazooka this year complete with a live, de-activated shell.  This would have come in handy making room on the river!!  The Salmon river was flooded out so the Oak was really crowded.  We had trouble getting on the river this year.  Weather was good, 40’s mainly with good flow, clear water.  The best fishing was at the Sycamore hole, along the east shore about 15’ out.  This is where the main run is.  Dog Killer hole was hot as well as Colleen’s hole on the flats!  Flesh colored eggs, stone flies, pheasant tails and flash back hare’s ear worked well.


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